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Want to spend more time with your children?
Need to increase your household income?
Don’t want to go back to your old job after maternity leave?
Want a business that can include you own small children?
Fancy a change and a new challenge?

Moo Music is a truly unique, flexible, exciting, energetic and fun children’s business opportunity allowing you the chance to be a stay-at-home mum. Although a music franchise you don't have to be musical to run it! We guarantee it will change your life for the better.

But don’t just take our word for it...

Here’s what a few other Moo Music ‘Farmers’ (we don’t like the word Franchisee!) have to say...

“I very nearly went back to work as a nanny when my youngest started school but I’m so glad I didn’t. With Moo Music I have the flexibility to run this amazingly fulfilling business and still be there for the family when they’re not at school.”
Ali Hider - Moo Music Winchester

“Pinching myself today! Just had 2 more children signed up, meaning I now have 28 little ones over 3 sessions a week, and I’m only on week 4 of Moo Music! I even sold a box set of CD's this morning! Plus I've lost 6lbs too on the Moo Music exercise plan! Still can't believe people are paying me to be a daft thing, jumping, wiggling & stamping about with their kids! Love it!!”
Libby Bernard - Moo Music Poole and Wimborne

“I have decided to resign from my teaching job to run Moo Music full time! It has been hard juggling both and I really want to put all my energies into something that I love. It gives me the chance to expand my classes and cover my area. I want to try Messy Moo, run more birthday parties and specials and take Moo Music into local schools and more nurseries. My husband is currently running a nursery session and will hopefully start another next year. It'll give me more time to promote and do admin and hopefully give me a better work/life balance and time with my family. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. I love being part of the Moo team!!
Cathy Geary, Moo Music Caldicot, Chepstow and Newport

“I first came across Moo Music when I took my daughter to a session in Winchester. I think I actually loved the session more than she did and after two terms I thought, 'how great would it be if I could do this for a job!' Prior to having children I worked long hours in London as a solicitor. I knew returning to law wouldn't be right for my family so decided to take the plunge and buy into Moo Music. Now I am running 4 busy weekly Moo Music sessions when my little ones are at preschool and a nursery session. I also do lots of parties. I love Moo Music because it fits around family life, it is something for me and it is so rewarding to see those smiles on all my little moovers faces each week. I am making money but really being a farmer feels more like a hobby than work!
Lisa Caryer, Moo Music Salisbury, Andover and surrounding villages

“Having been a children's nurse for 7 years and a secondary school performing arts teacher for 11 I am now a Farmer and can honestly say I have never been happier in my work. Watching a toddler sign actions I have taught them, hearing a preschooler sing their favourite Moo Music song beautifully or watching a baby's concentration as they try to pop a bubble are just some of the many highlights of my working day. I enjoy every minute (well maybe not unloading the Moomobile but that's the only downside!) and look forward to going to work. However there are so many other ways in which I have benefited from working for Moo Music - I am a happy, healthier person - people comment on it all the time! Moo has become a bit of a family business, dad does my accounts, mum creates the most amazing resources, husband is chief technician and my 3 boys are my little apprentices who love Moo as much as I do. My family life has improved as I now have a work life balance - I work incredibly hard (which is fine as I enjoy it) but I can plan that work around my children - I take them to and pick them up from school every single day which I could never do before, have a day off during the week with my youngest son and even have a bit of time home alone due to the flexible nature of my work. I am earning a living doing a job I love and after years of working with a great team of people around me in my previous jobs, the biggest surprise has been the new work team I now have - other Farmers (some of whom I have never met) who have become friends, confidantes, mentors and cheerleaders! Go Team Moo!!
Lindsey Darker, Moo Music Wirral West & South

So just to recap…

Moo Music is a truly unique, flexible, exciting, energetic and fun toddler, child and baby franchise opportunity allowing you the chance to be a stay-at-home mum, and although a music franchise you don't have to be musical to be part of it! This amazing business opportunity is great for babies and preschool aged children. Kids of all ages love it! If you’ve ever thought about a children’s franchise, baby franchise or a specific mum’s franchise then Moo Music could be just the thing for you.